In Chef DevOps training from Tekslate, you’ll learn about major concepts like Chef fundamentals or essentials, refresher, and ChefDK. In this course, you’ll also learn to Implement ChefSpec, Chef handlers, and Writing Ohai plugins. Our curriculum is designed by industry experts based on real-time scenarios. You will also get an exposure to industry based real-time projects in this training.

In effect, EAS is emerging as the control plane through which the entire Chef portfolio will be managed, Reddy added. The testing occurred in each environment, so that the deployments were reliable. With it All infrastructure was treated as code, which greatly increased visibility into many changes which occurred. Development, chef certification devops Operations, Security and Finance all benefited from this. Generating cookbooks and using the “package” and “service” resources to install system packages and activating services. Creating simple recipes and making use of the “file” resource to create specific files, using the “user” and “group” resources to create a new user.

Choosing Between Terraform and Chef

This is when you have to focus on the tool itself and shape it in your own way. Both of these configuration managers offer easy ways of doing this. If you are already using other popular DevOps software, chances are Chef and Puppet could integrate well with it. Vagrant, Packer, and Docker support both client-server and agentless provisioning with either of the tools.

It allows to build, manage, and define infrastructure across cloud providers. The Terraform tool, also called the Infrastructure Build tool, enables developers to create and modify infrastructure in a secure and efficient environment. Using Terraform in DevOps, you can easily automate and manage your infrastructure and the services running on your organizational platform using declarative programming.

Enterprise services

As discussed above, both the DevOps configuration management tools, Chef and Terraform, are unique in their distinctive way. When not to consider a particular tool is as important as when to consider another. Simply put, you must invest time in diving into the features of both tools and then finalize your decision. Chef is ranked 13th in Release Automation with 2 reviews while Microsoft Azure DevOps is ranked 1st in Release Automation with 67 reviews. Chef is rated 7.0, while Microsoft Azure DevOps is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Chef writes “Easy to install configuration management and automation tool with a good compliance feature”.

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To use an analogy, using Puppet is like writing configuration files whereas using Chef is like programming the control of your nodes. If you or your team have more experience with system administration, you may prefer Puppet. On the other hand, if most of you are developers, Chef might be a better fit. The latest applications were deployed on the cloud along with Chef, these applications were deployed to all environments in a similar way, which they were deployed to production.


This technology uses Ruby encoding to develop basic building blocks like recipe and cookbooks. Chef is used in infrastructure automation and helps in reducing manual and repetitive tasks for infrastructure management. The configuration managers abstract the configuration files themselves, so you need to learn the terms that they use to describe resources and their orchestration. In Puppet, you create manifests and modules, while in Chef you deal with recipes and cookbooks. Manifests and recipes usually describe single resources while modules and cookbooks describe the more general concepts . In principle, mature configuration managers don’t just write some data to some configuration files.

  • Instead of thinking in terms of incremental changes to the configuration, you just focus on the outcome and write it down.
  • Chef Infra is a powerful automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code.
  • All four configuration management technologies have the option of free or paid enterprise versions.
  • In addition, it supports integration with additional services and adding extensions, including the ability for the user to create their own custom extensions.
  • Now that you have a detailed understanding of both the DevOps tools, it will be easier for you to make the right choice between Terraform and Chef.
  • SloopStash also provides training and consulting services on numerous trending technologies like DevOps, AWS cloud, and more.
  • But, before diving deep into “What is Chef”, it’s only fair that I first explain what is Configuration Management and why it is important.

Work on projects that add weightage to your resume and get job ready. Must have exceptional knowledge on Linux-based operating systems and it’s commands. Adopting Terraform will be a better choice if you have several developers that are more comfortable with the Go language.

DevOps Engineer Salary – How Much Does A DevOps Engineer Earns?

They are the basic building blocks which get uploaded to Chef server. When Chef run takes place, it ensures that the recipes present inside it gets a given infrastructure to the desired state as listed in the recipe. It can be defined as a collection of attributes which are used to manage the infrastructure. These attributes which are present in the recipe are used to change the existing state or setting a particular infrastructure node. They are loaded during Chef client run and comparted with the existing attribute of the node . It then gets to the status which is defined in the node resource of the recipe.

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